Lawrence Homewood EFIAP BPE2* CPAGB Surrey and Sussex based Photographer

Waiting by the Pier
Rembrandt Stilettos and Guns
Owl and Huntress
Lady in Red
Harvest Mouse in the Corn
Finnich Glen Devils Pit
Hanging Wood Honey Fungus
Emperor Dragonfly laying Eggs
M25 Road to Hell

About Me: Welcome to my photographic website. I am a Surrey and Sussex based Photographer who is actively promoting Access to Photography. I offer a number of talks, lectures, and presentations on many genres of photography.

My main talk is entitled Access to Photography My Photographic Journey. I have presented this talk at the Hawth in Crawley and at camera clubs, horticultural clubs and have bookings with the Women's Institute. I am a registered lecturer with the Surrey Photographic Association (SPA) and Sussex Photographic Federation (SxPF).

You can find out more details about my talks and presentations on this website, I am also available as a photographic judge and registered with both the SPA and SxPF. I have numerous photographic distinctions including EFIAP, BPE2, and CPAGB and regularly enter both national and international competitions where I get both acceptances and win awards.

I also do technical editing workshops and group workshops with models and photographers. All my presentations / talks and workshops are available on ZOOM, which means my presentations can go global and available to everyone. I use software editing programs like Topaz to edit my images which have proved essential for my nature photography. As an TOPAZ affiliate here is a special offer for my visitors to this site. Click on the link TOPAZ SPECIAL OFFER 

If you are looking for a lecturer for a local group you are involved in please check out my talks and feel and to contact me.

My email address is mobile 0782 186 4061

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I offer a variety of lectures. This includes my flagship talk entitled My Photographic Journey Access to Photography which covers multiple genres of photography.  Discover More.​

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In 2017 I decided I wanted to get my work seen by a wider audience and started entering my pictures into FIAP and BPE photographic salons.

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During the past few years I run Photography Fashion Shoots / and workshops for Models and Photographers at various locations in Surrey and Sussex. 

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Event Photography

I am available to take photos of events, grand openings, and functions. Here is a selection of my event photography.

The Models


Working with a model to create amazing portraiture and a  unique portfolio with storyboards and themes. Find out more

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Travel Photography

I love to travel and enjoy taking photographs of cities and landscapes around the world. View my photography

portraits_Lily Cartier after the War
Red riding Hood Cubic Intensions pdi
portraits_Sarah at Tiffanys
Avedon Lily Umbrella pdi-2
Just a little bit of Rock n Roll  bw pdi

My Talks and Presentations ​

In June 2020 I received my EFIAP gaining over 250 international acceptances in almost 30 different countries with a number of awards featuring over 50 different images which spread across a number of photographic genres.


Last year I got a number of BOOKINGS from Camera Clubs as a speaker. My most requested talk was “Access to Photography – My Photographic Journey” and I just wanted to thank everyone who booked me. Here is some of the feedback I received.


A short note to say thank you for last nights presentation. I had a couple of phone calls this morning and several emails this evening to say how much members had enjoyed the presentation, so great job – Eddie Lord – Crawley Down Camera Club


Thank you so much for your wonderfully inspirational talk. I'm not alone in being gobsmacked by your meteoric rise to excellence in a mere half dozen years. Ken Mines Lewes Camera Club.


All my talks and presentations are now available worldwide via ZOOM. This now allows me to go global, which is something I plan to promote more of this year.

365 Photography Second Year 2022

Back in November 2020 I decided to do a photo a day and try and complete taking an image a day for a year. So I was delighted to confirm I achieved this in November 2021 and have decided to keep the challenge going thoughout 2022.

My rules were simple, take one image a day, edit and upload it to my Lawrence Homewood Photography Facebook page.

This concept forces you to take images that you would not normally take thus expanding your photographic skillset. Like I said this is all about taking photographs and experimenting and developing ideas, some of the images are very different perhaps not my thing whilst other ones I really enjoy and glad I made that extra effort.

You can see more of my images on facebook - Lawrence Homewood Photography

portraits_Lily Cartier a stroll in the p
humour_What a Load of Rubbish
woodpecker in flight pdi
woodpecker - top of the world pdi
press - emperor in flight pdi
press- emperor laying eggs 4pdi
press- emperor - eggs pdi
press- damselfly mate 4 pdi
press- broad bodied chaser male 5 pdi
press- broad bodied chaser male 3 pdi
Femme Rebelle Magazine Feb 2021 - Page 66/7
Shazzles Cosplay Issue #69 VOL 123
Little Red Riding Hood Photoshoot - Kitsch Studio
Group Photoshoot with KAYLA - Kitsch  Studio
Film Noir "Double trouble" Photoshoot Kitsch Studio with Stefy and Laura
Film Noir "Double trouble" Photoshoot Kitsch Studio with Stefy and Laura
Film Noir "Double trouble" Photoshoot Kitsch Studio with Stefy and Laura
Film Noir "Double trouble" Photoshoot Kitsch Studio with Stefy and Laura
The Princess and the Crockodile Kitsch Studio
Stand and Deliver : Kitsch Studio
a bell in bluebell wood
Under the umbrella in Bell Wood
She Got Legs : Kitsch Studio
Shine on the light : Kitsch Studio
Pink Cadillac pdi-2

Photoshoots (Model & Photography 2022).

Since 2019 I have been running group workshop and fashion shoots for photographers and models. These fun packed events allow both photographers and models to work on a one to one basis in most cases. The concept is simple photographers get a chance to work with multiple models whilst the models get the opportunity to build up their portfolios with different photographers. All these events are sharing events.

This year we planning more of the events, which will be at different locations in and around Surrey and Sussex. We keep the events small and friendly limiting each event to no more than 20 persons.  

Published Press Features 2021

Some recent published images featuring wildlife that got national exposure in “The Times” newspaper and a double feature in the Saturday Star..

I also work with a number of models who have had front page covers in magazines such as Shazzles, and Tantalise. 


You can message me for more info / availability / booking info below

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Upcoming Photographic Presentation

9th February 2022 Windlesham and Camberley Camera Club

My Photographic Journey – Street and Travel – On ZOOM
14th February 2022 Kingston Camera Club
My Photographic Journey – Street and Travel – ON ZOOM

30th March 2022 Horley Camera Club

Speedlights / Flash workshop

If you are interested in booking me to do a talk at your camera club / social group Please email me at or message me

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