Photography Judging in Surrey and Sussex

I am a registered Judge with the Sussex Photographic Federation.
I go out to camera clubs and other organizations judging or as I like to state accessing and critiquing images. The primary reasons I became a photography accessor is when I first started in photography I found SOME of the Judges critique very helpful on how to improve my own photography. The other reason is it gets me out meeting fellow photographers and admiring their photography which again gives me ideas, concepts and introduces me to other forms of photography.

Autumn Shades Sheffield Park_
ST Johannas de doperkerk
Deadly Sins Lust for Life - pop master
Pride 1 master
Nuthatches - 2
frog camouflage

I just wanted to thank Lewis Camera Club, who allowed me to do a different form of judging (accessing images), rather than me critiquing the images and just awarding marks we had some interaction with some of the photographers who were present on the night, this was great as it allowed the photographer to talk about their vision and concepts and us to openly discuss the image, we could only do this to about 20% of the images due to time, but for me it was a most enjoyable evening.

The images are some more recent images i have taken showing a diversity of styles from scapes to building to people and nature.

Street and Travel Photography

Street and Travel Photography looking at camera equipment, styles and techniques, tips, tricks, and settings, editing your photos. Loads of fully edited images of my travels around the world with a wealth of information.

The Cut Runs Deep - red700.jpg

My Photographic Journey

A talk about my journey in photography, buying my first DSLR camera, entering competitions and judge’s critique. It showcases my many styles of photography from travel and street to portraiture and composites. For more info click below
My Photographic Journey

Photomatix tutorial

Technical Workshops for Camera Clubs

Technical workshops with working examples showing how I edit my photos in Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix and other editing software. These workshops are designed for photographers and camera clubs.For more info click below
Photography Workshops

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