Models I have worked with in Surrey, Sussex, and Kent.

These are some portfolios I have created for some amazing models in Surrey, Sussex, and Kent. If you are a model and want to create some amazing pictures with an alternative edgy theme either at the Kitsch Photography Studio or out on location please feel free to contact me. Check out the Kitsch Studio page for more details on future events.
waiting by the pier - second version 700


Bettie is a Hungarian alternative model and artist. Her style is a mix between Goth, Bohemian, free-spirited gypsy soul.



This fantasy-driven photoshoot was taken in the depths of winter, deep snow and freezing conditions - the Fawn Princess.

Dreamy Anna beyond the Trees-700.jpg


Photo shoot with the wonderful Anna around Platts Eyot Island, it was part of a group shoot.

Lily Cartier at the Kitsch Studio and Woodland Gardens
1940s glamour
portraits_Lily Cartier after the War
japanese frozen Girl
lily as wonder woman

Working with the wonderful Lily we have created an amazing set of images to promote we both do at the Kitsch Woodland Gardens Studio. We both organise individual group shoots and workshops for both model and photographers,


if you are interested in modelling or an experienced model and want to work with us we would be interested in hearing from you and will keep you updated of forthcoming events.


Photographers interested in participating in our Group Shoot days or wanting to do workshops with us to improve your skill set please feel free to contact us.


Below are some examples of the images i created at the Kitsch Studio with Lily. Enjoy

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