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Photography Talks, Lecturers and Workshops available WORLDWIDE by ZOOM

How to edit your photos in Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix

Like all my talks I focus on Access to Photography, this talk introduces you to the exciting dynamic world of HDR (High Dynamic Range).

The presentation begins at the very beginning, taking the photos by a method called bracketing where we take multiple shots and then how we merge them all together into one photo. I begin talking about Camera set up and settings that I use to take these images.

Once the photos have been taken we go on a magical journey uploading our images into Lightroom doing some that I call general adjustments then using a software application called Photomatix Pro and finishing off in Photoshop where our presentation looks at Masks, Blend modes, and Layers.

It is a very comprehensive talk and very technical and covers my whole workflow from start to finish incorporating Lightroom, Photomatix, Photoshop and sometimes other filters such as On1 and Topaz. For this talk I use my own computer and do Live Edits.

I use this technique primarily for Landscapes and Buildings.

Access to Photography an Introduction to HDR (with Photomatix Pro) using Lightroom and Photoshop

Winter Tones Derwent Water
llandudno pier 1
Captured Momements on the jetty 2
Autumn Shades Sheffield Park - pdi
St Johns Church Donaueschingen
ST Johannas de doperkerk
IBKFS-ST Niklaaskerk-2
Alice Dreams of Wonderland -pdi
Grim Fairytales Once Bitten Twice Shy

I offer several lecturer talks and workshops and am registered with both the Surrey Photographic Association (SPA) and the Sussex Photographic Federation (SxPF).
The presentations are all on PowerPoint so I will need a screen and projector which can link up to my laptop. If you do not have a projector please let me know so I can hire one. My rates are very reasonable so please contact me directly for more information. I travel all around Surrey, Sussex, and parts of Kent and with the aid of ZOOM they are all available online.

The images on this page are a mix of scapes and creative photoshoots using editing software such as Photomatix, On1, Topaz, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

Vladimir Pinta Prague.jpg

Street and Travel Photography

Street and Travel Photography looking at camera equipment, styles and techniques, tips, tricks, and settings, editing your photos. Loads of fully edited images of my travels around the world with a wealth of information. for more info click below
Travel Photography

The Cut Runs Deep - red700.jpg

My Photographic Journey

A talk about my journey in photography, buying my first DSLR camera, entering competitions and judge’s critique. It showcases my many styles of photography from travel and street to portraiture and composites.For more info click below
My Photographic Journey

Photomatix tutorial

Technical Workshops for Camera Clubs

Technical workshops with working examples showing how I edit my photos in Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix and other editing software. These workshops are designed for photographers and camera clubs.for more info click below
Photography Workshops

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