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Photography Talks, Lecturers and Workshops available
in Surrey, Sussex and Kent and World Wide by ZOOM

Access to Photography - My Photographic Journey 

My presentations are very informal and I invite questions, observations, and critique during the talk.

That we all learn something new. I focus “Access to Photography” encouraging people to try out and experiment as I did – I show my early work, when I started and how I have learned and improved my photography skill set, to where I am now.

  • My Early Photography – My First DSLR Camera

  • How I developed my Photography Skills via:

  • Camera clubs and benefits, competitions & judging, new equipment, experimenting

  • Freelance Press / Event Photographer

  • Photographic Distinctions BPE / FIAP / PAGB

  • Working with Models

  • Software and Editing

  • Projects and Themes

This presentation covers a lot of ground looking at multiple genres including street, travel, portraiture, composites,  scapes, and nature as well as project themes. So there should be something for everyone.

  • I wanted to show my early photography with my first DSLR Camera to inspire new members and demonstrate where I am now.

  • Hopefully, I have shown multiple GENRES of photography from Street, Travel, Nature, Scapes, Composites, Portraits, Record, Photo Journalism etc.

  • Talked about the benefits of Camera Clubs and developing your Skill Set.

  • Talked about entering competitions and Judge's Critique.

  • Touched on Editing and creating Composite Images.

  • I talked a little bit about Camera Equipment.

  • Finally, I hope I have inspired everyone to try out different forms of photography

If you want more information please feel free to contact me or if you wish to feature some of my images to promote the event please let me know

Below I have included a few images that feature in the talks that have gained international acceptance, awards or won trophies at my local camera club.

Clockwork Orange
Portrait of a Monk
Woolacombe Bay Sunset
Kyrenia Harbour North Cyprus
Flying above the Dolomites
Tag Wrestling Out on the Count
The Grunge of Rock And Roll Music
Rushhour Chinatown Bangkok
Honey Bee Collecting Nectar
Asain Short Clawed Otters Aonyx Cinerea.
2018-honey fungus 2
2018-Road to Hell M25

I offer several lecture talks and workshops and am registered with both the Surrey Photographic Association (SPA) and the Sussex Photographic Federation (SxPF).

The presentations are all on Power Point and with the aid of ZOOM I able to present these talks worldwide to Social Groups, Organisations and Camera Clubs all around the world. So please contact me if you are interested.

Vladimir Pinta Prague.jpg

Street and Travel Photography

Street and Travel Photography looking at camera equipment, styles and techniques, tips, tricks, and settings, editing your photos. Loads of fully edited images of my travels around the world with a wealth of information. for more info click below
Travel Photography

The Cut Runs Deep - red700.jpg

My Photographic Journey

A talk about my journey in photography, buying my first DSLR camera, entering competitions and judge’s critique. It showcases my many styles of photography from travel and street to portraiture and composites.

Photomatix tutorial

Technical Workshops for Camera Clubs

Technical workshops with working examples showing how I edit my photos in Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix and other editing software. These workshops are designed for photographers and camera clubs. For more info click below
Photography Workshops

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