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Photography During the Lockdown

Keep Photography Alive During the Lockdown by Lawrence Homewood EFIAP

2021 see us going into another lockdown until the end of March or worse and for those of us whom love to travel this restricts one genre of photography, during 2020 I spent a great deal of time developing the Kitsch Studio and Woodland Gardens to develop Group Photoshoots with models and photographers along with themed workshop events. I managed between lockdowns and when restrictions were eased to run a handful of workshops and fashion shoots and was hoping that 2021 would allow me to run more of these events but by November 2020 I felt we would be very much repeating multiply lockdown for 2021

In 2020 I spent a great deal of time setting up the Kitsch Studio and Woodlands Gardens and between lockdowns I managed to get some photography events organized although a lot were cancelled due to Government restrictions during lockdown periods.

At the end of November 2020 and the fact that and with more lockdowns looking with the run up to Christmas 2020 and more lockdowns pending I came up with the concept to take an image a day. The rules I kept were very simple you have to take the image, edit it and post it on my facebook photography page, the images can be anything and I have to admit on some days I had no real time to spare – a couple of times I stopped on the bridge overlooking the M25, another time when it was pouring down (to wet to go out) I took an image of the washing line with the water droplets.

I have to admit the good thing about this concept is it forces you to take images that you would not normally take thus expanding and developing your photographic skillset which is critical for me as I do a number of presentations to camera clubs on the theme of Access to Photography, in fact who knows I may do a new talk on what to take during the lockdown.

Like I said this is all about taking photographs and experimenting and developing ideas, some of the images are a load of rubbish in

fact I called the one of the squirrels rummaging in the bin a load of rubbish, whilst other ones like Sunset Lake Murmuration I really enjoy.

You can see more of my one image a day on my facebook page if you are looking for ideas Lawrence Homewood Photography.


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